Sunday, January 6, 2013

Corporate Nonsense

Odd things I have observed in corporate advertising world.

On Flintstone Kids Vitamins.
"Were the Flintstone's Kids, 10 million strong, and growing."
Obviously they haven't grown much, that jingle started around 1990, so in 22 years they haven't added much to their clientele.

I kept looking at a box of Betty Crocker's "Asian Helper", looking for the cooking instruction, "Just add Asian."

I really take umbrage with marketing when it tries to get the word "NEW" in even when what is new adds no value to the product.  As in "Same Great Stuff, Brand New Box!"  Might as well say, "Same old shit, brand new package."  However, Tostados’ "Hint of Lime" has done this idiocy one better.  "Coming Soon!  New Look!"  All the while reducing that hint of lime to imperceptibility.