Sunday, September 23, 2012

The World’s Best Show for Twenty Bucks

Discovered a gem of a theater last night. A theater like no other outside of Disney.  The Dickens Parlour Theater, in Millville, DE.  Website:, it is in Millville Delaware, near Rehoboth. It is a small, 50 seat theater where a different magician performs weekly. The stage was beautifully decorated like a main stage of an old style theater.  Gold leaf trims the stage, comfortable seating, while the staff, headed by Rich Bloch entertains and amuses you.

Before the show you can have dinner which we didn't know about, and afterwards you can have dessert, which we did. The dining area is tastefully decorated with interesting devices including an antique music box with a 3 foot diameter interchangeable music disk, and a fortune telling machine.  While you are having dessert, the magicians, both staff and guests, tour your tables and perform for you. We were lucky in that the visiting magician, Shawn McMaster,, had a relative sitting at our table, so we got a lot of extra attention. 

We had a wonderful time, and went back to the matinee the next day.  This was in the Parlour room.  This is hidden behind a secret door which is disguised as a bookshelf.  A very intimate setting as there was seating only for about 12 people.  Once again the stage was set like a Victorian era sitting room, and adorned beautifully with gold leaf.  A contrast to that, and behind the stage curtain, was a teleportation machine that seems to be fully functional.

It was wonderful having interactive fun with the magicians.  I look forward to visiting again next time I am in the Delaware shore area. 

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