Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gaming Event June 2016

A Headless Body Production

Location:Continental Hotel, Lancaster Pa
Event:Social Daisy's 7th or 8th annual "The Weekend" Event.
Theme:  Space Babes
Players: Various
Game System: Various
Special Thanks to Otto Schmidt, who organizes this thing.

These are pictures I took of the games I played at this weekends "The Weekend" event, June 16-17 in sunny Lancaster. 

FYI, these pictures are "Clickable" and will expand to full size if you want.

Good thing we had a few copies of Military History to prop up the table.  What other event would that happen? 
The Second Battle of Manila Bay.  The first was alternate history.  It is 1905.  Theodore Roosevelt, after his attempts at peace making between the Japan and Russia was ignored, went off his meds and declared war on the empire and sends the White fleet, (painted grey) to assist the Russian Navy (painted white).  The main coaling station is in the Philippines and Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō decides to deny the coaling station to the combined American and Russian forces. 

The Japanese destroyers are attacking in 3 columns.

The Japanese heavy cruisers arrive.

The destroyers mix it up.

The Japanese main battle fleet, flag-shipped by the IJN Mikasa, arrives, approaches, and presents it's broadside.  Three ships of the Russian fleet are off in the distance.

I have an affinity to the Mikasa, as she is still around, and I have been on board her.

Alien Space Babes Attack!  Using advanced, but apparently randomized time and teleportation drive systems.  Some Princess, whose name I didn't catch, was collecting geniuses of history.  She apparently has Phineas Fogg on staff, and is trying now to capture Leonardo di Vinci.

Defending Leonardo is quite a formidable force of at least 13 cannon and two tanks of his design.

But against this force is a collection of di Vinci designed turtle tanks and teleporting steam powered golems.

These are great.  The Orange things are rocket propelled roller skates. They have a very high divination rate.  And were prone to misfire.  One went into the river, one hit a wall, one hit it's target.

This is a wonderful scratch built building. 

The decoy Leonardo surveying his defending bodyguards.

The Space Babe is commanding from her floating hover ball.

The last Game was in the Jurassic world.  Where carnivorous dinosaurs are being paid by aliens to herd herbivorous to a meat packing plant.

This is the meat packing plant, attended by a single alien worker.  Off board are two Spinasaurus's armed with Winchesters.

A herd of herbivorous facing off with the gauchos.

Alien tourists are watching the event.  They are armed with very big guns.

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  1. Nice! I was there for some of it, although I arrived way later than I wanted.