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.NET Resume of Phil Gardocki

Philip Gardocki
Royersford, Pa.
NET Software Engineer
(610) 495-7923

            A challenging position with software development and implementation, bringing to bear my expertise in database and network administration, and using my skills in systems analysis, troubleshooting, data obfuscation, and statistical analysis.   I am comfortable with new technology and capable of learning new ones.  I have a .NET accreditation from Penn State.  

Skills and Training

Computer Languages
Software Packages

.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5
Business Intelligence
Computer Controlled Circuitry


Data Masker      
Digital Camera

C, C++ and C#
Digital Electronics


Digital Imaging

Enterprise Level Software Engineering
High Voltage
High Energy Sensors (Gamma, Neutron, X-Ray)


Lotus Enterprise for Integration
Microsoft Office

Printers, From Offset Press to Laser

Object Oriented Programming
Search Engine Optimization

PL-SQL (Oracle)


T-SQL (SQL Server)
SQLServer 2005/2008/2012

Programmable Controllers

Winforms, Webforms

Visual Studio 2012, Team and Test editions


Professional Experience
Senior Software Contracting Consultant
10/2005 to Present
Clients included CMC Energy Services, Constellation Energy, DST, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Liberty Mutual Assurance, Lithium Battery, Lockheed Martin, Lost Battalion Games, TNS Media Intelligence, and Wyeth.
Projects include:

DST Systems (Data-Sys-Tance) 1/12-Present:  Current role is as both an Oracle and SQLServer DBA, Primary duties involved supporting Market Prominence for with Oracle, and CareConnect with SQL Server.  Both are  'N' tier enterprise wide client server systems.  Created documentation  DQ’s, IQ’s, OQ’s, for software implementation, as well as establishing benchmarks, testing and implementation. Performed data maintenance tasks based on current business needs.  Architected code changes in .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.5 supported by T-SQL, based on business and system requirements.  Created reports using RDL and RDLC.   Used the SQL Server Profiler tool to monitor the performance of the SQL Server Database.  Troubleshoot production performance issues on an enterprise wide system as needed.  Technical skills required: .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.5 ASP.NET, C#, GUI, Oracle’s PL/SQL, RDL, RDLC, SQL Compare, SQL Server Management Studio 2012, SQL Server Profiler, SSIS, SSRS, Talend, T-SQL, VBA, VB.NET 9.0, Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2013 and XML.

Liberty Mutual Assurance 11/10-12/11:  DBA, Senior Developer.  Created documentation and SQL scripts supporting data conversion tasks.  Created one off code to convert data from legacy systems to current platform. Performed Data Maintenance tasks based on current business needs.  Architected code changes in .NET 2.0, 3.5, and T-SQL, based on business and system requirements.  Created reports using RDL and RDLC.   Used the SQL Server Profiler tool to monitor the performance of the SQL Server Database.  Technical skills required: .NET 2.0, 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, RDL, RDLC, SQL Server Management Studio 2005, SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server, T-SQL, VBA, VB.NET 9.0, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, and XML.

CMC Energy Services 1/10-10/10:  Senior Developer, DBA.  Developed LITS, an N-Tier View Model architected client entry and data importer to day to day applications.  This project involved taking on an unfinished product to bring it to completion.  This involved batch processed main frame data updates from outside sources, user updates, writing Stored Procedures, monitoring the performance of the SQL Server Database, User Interface Updates, and establishing View Model WPF Data binding connections. Technical skills required: .NET 3.5, C#, Infragistics, the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) package LLBLGEN, SQL Server Management Studio 2008, SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server, T-SQL, VBA, Visual Studio 2008, WebServices, Winforms, WPF, and XAML.

Constellation Energy 5/09–11/09:  Senior Developer, Data Validation Quality Assurance Tester.  Project melded 4 databases into a unified database.  This involved the creation of a C# Winform application that downloaded and compared data blocks, outputting both to corresponding success and failure logs, as well as creating on the fly SQL commands to assist in troubleshooting missing data.

Technical skills required: .NET 3.5, C#, GUI, Oracle’s PL/SQL, SQL Server Management Studio 2005, SQL Server, T-SQL, Toad, VBA, Visual Studio 2005 and Winforms.

Lockheed Martin 7/08-12/08: Senior Software Engineer.  Projects were Foresight and EAIT.  Both projects were browser based, Thin Client Server Systems for providing management reports on various projects within the company.  My role was to implement, test, data mask, and test data compliance, performance, and troubleshoot updates in the Webform based presentation layer and C# based business layers.  My duties extended to troubleshooting stored procedures within the database.  Using Visual Studio Team System 2008, I created performance tests and established benchmarks for the EAIT project. I was also the sole implementer of a datamasking project to maintain project security.  This first involved testing a third party, Configurable off the Shelf product, Data Masker™, but lead to the independent creation of a C# based Winform application.   This application data masked the QA and Test databases.   Code development involved identification of data to be masked; creating rules for different data types; developing maintenance processes and supporting documentation with emphasis on maintaining referential integrity and consistency of the masked data.   Performed monthly implementation and reporting of the data masked. 

Technical skills required: .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, Data Masker™, SQL Server, T-SQL, VBA, Visual Studio Team System 2008, WebServices, WebForms, and Winforms.

Wyeth (Now Pfizer) 10/07-5/08:  Senior Software Engineer.  My role was as primarily staff augmentation, providing manpower where needed.  Primary task was integration of “Configurable off the Shelf” third party software packages into a mainframe/network environment.  This included installation of an international secure FTP system to reduce transit time of time sensitive eCTD documentation.  Cost savings of this installation was estimated at 1.5 million dollars on the first day of operation.  I also wrote the GMP documentation, including DQ’s, IQ’s, OQ’s, for software implementation, as well as establishing benchmarks, testing and implementation.

Other tasks included installation of “Black Box” testing of new systems.  Code review of newly developed C# applications.  The creation of C# modules and Oracle SQL Stored Procedures to support new applications.  Provided code commenting and system analysis, of the upgraded the P2P system.

Technical skills required: .NET 2.0, Classic ASP, CSS, C#, Oracle’s PL/SQL, Toad, and XML.

IBM 1/07-7/07: Senior Developer, QA Tester, Data Masking Specialist.  Using VB.NET, developed a Windows Service for the PARS to PIIN interface.  PARS, or Police Arraignment System, is an Sybase based Client Server System, and PIIN, Police Integrated Information Network, is an Oracle based Web Service System.  Using Use-Cases provided by IBM Software Architect, created both batch processing and event driven data transfer modules interfacing these modules.  Tasks included troubleshooting the Oracle and Sybase stored procedures supporting the interface and the generation of consistent and coherent masked test data for proper testing of dataflow using a VB.NET application.  The VB.NET application scrambled numbers based on a seed based random number generator for consistent results and a lookup table referenced system for personal, town and street names.

Technical skills required: SOAP, SQL Server Management Studio 2005, Oracle’s PL/SQL, SQL Server, T-SQL, Toad, VBA, VB.Net, WebServices and XML.

GlaxoSmithKline 8/06-12/06: Developer.  Working in the Small Projects Department, gathered
requirements from Scientists, designed, tested and implemented various programs to assist in the quantifying of data and pivot tables for pharmaceutical studies. I was nominated for GSK’s “Beyond the Boundaries” award on the first month of the job.  Began work architecting and data modeling the Specimen Transition program to update location and space availability of test animals.

Technical skills required: .NET 2.0, SOAP, Oracle’s PL/SQL, Toad, Winforms, VBA and XML.

For TNS Media Intelligence 10/05-7/06:  Developer, Project Manager, QA Tester.  Using NUnit, performed “White Box” testing of upcoming projects MediaWatch™ and Branded Products™.  Created multithreaded test harness to test these products.  Gathered requirements from customers, monitored system role out, and served as first level support.

Technical skills required: .NET 1.1, SOAP, C#, MSSQL, and Winforms.

Lost Battalion Games 8/04-5/09:  Part Time Position.  Web Master, Search Engine Optimization Specialist.  Supported the eCommerce site  This involved rolling out the eCommerce package and updates, maintaining the SQLServer database, providing customer communications, creation of new HTML and ASP pages as required. 

Technical skills required: .NET 1.1, ASP.NET, C#, Google Adwords, HTML, VBA, VB.NET, Visual Studio, and Webforms.

Basic Contractor duties included:
Architecting                                      Gathering requirements
Customer Service                             Quality Assurance
Customization                                              Performance Testing
Data Masking and Obfuscation       Software implementation.
Data Analyst                                                Systems Analysis
Development.                                               Troubleshooting         

Accomplishments and Techniques:
Saved Wyeth an estimated $1.5 million with the first project completed.
Was nominated for GSK’s “Beyond the Boundaries” award on the first month of the job.
Languages and packages used: ASP.NET, Business Objects, C#, CSS, CuteFTP, Data Masker, eCTD, Frontpage, GlobalScape, Global Submit, HTML, LEI, .NET 2.0, NUnit, Photoshop,  SQLServer 2008, Sybase SQL, Toad, Oracle SQL, SmartComm, SmartSolve, SourceSafe, VBA, VB.NET, Visio, Visual Studio 2005, including Visual Studio Test Edition 2008, and XML.

Development methods include both QMS and Agile Methodology including Scrum, and Extreme.

eHealth, (now Siemens Health Systems) 4/2002 to 9/2005  
            Quality Assurance Software Engineer
Received 3 cash awards for innovation and excellence.
Using .NET, designed, and implemented a Quality Assurance Program that melded mainframe applications into a Windows environment.
Using VB6, developed Statement Confirmation via Web System. Project saved company $2.1 million over the next 4 years.
Using .NET, developed a number of applications, automating manual processes, and saved over a 2,000 man hours in the first year.
Using .NET developed a text-mining program.
Using .NET, created a HIPAA compliant databases, maintenance processes, and documentation for both the QA and Test environments.  Databases were fully data masked with consistent obfuscated data produced from my code written in VB.NET.  The task involved identification of data to be obfuscated, creating subroutines for the different data types, and logging masked data.  Numbers were obfuscated using a seed based random number generator for consistency.  Names were transformed via lookup tables. 
Served as customer support.
Completed Visual Studio NET certification, including C#, VB.NET, and Rational Rose UML.

Languages and packages used: .NET 1.1, C#, ISIS, JCL, MS Access, NT 2000, MS SQL7, VBA, VB6, VB.NET, and Winforms.

Shared Medical Systems, (now Siemens Health Systems) 2/1998 – 4/2002
           Software Consultant
Earned two merit raises and awards for individual achievement and effort
Served on a SWAT team for process improvement with Medicare billing software.
Using VBA, C++, SYBASE SQL, was a developer for the Novius™ laboratory automation software.
Created troubleshooting, automation, and customer interfaces.
Using SYBASE SQL and C++, served as an applications programmer for OPENLab™, a two tier client server system that automated hospital laboratory functions from registration to billing.
Provided mentoring and training for an expanded department.
Served on QA team.
Languages and packages used, C++, VBA, VB6, OS/2, Rexx, SQL7 , SYBASE SQL, SQLServer, Winforms, and Crystal Reports.
Battlefield Design Group 11/1995 – 2/1999
            DBA, Programmer, Game Designer, Historian
Part Time Position.  DBA and Game Designer for computer strategy game “Road to Moscow.”
Created player interfaces. COM and ActiveX calls were used for graphics, sound, and network play. 
Received training in ActiveX. C++, Network and modem “Head to Head” play, and “Fit and Form” functionality.
Skills required were front-end functionality, Installshield™, COM, C++, VBA, DBA, artificial intelligence, WinForms, and QA testing.
Siemens Medical Systems 8/1986 – 12/1997

Field Service Engineer

Maintained Computed Axial Tomography scanners (CAT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI), as well as a variety of supporting peripherals, including digital cameras and ultrasound units.
Was team leader, mentor, and trainer of area FSE’s
Served in Siemen’s TAC Center.  This position was reserved for only the best system troubleshooters.
Electronic Arts 3/1986 – 8/1986

Programmer, Game Designer

Revised and published “Road to Moscow.”  Over 4,000 units were sold.
Languages used, Basic and Assembler.
AJ LaCourse 9/1985 – 8/1986
            Robotics Programmer, Industrial Electronics FSE
Using Hewlett Packard programmable controllers, programmed industrial controllers and created robots to automate manufacturing
Plant functions.
Provided Electronics Field Service for a variety of industrial equipment.
NL McCullough Corporation 7/1984 – 7/1985

Electronics Field Service Engineer

Beta tester for NL Industries computerized sensor truck.  This was the first digital data integration of Neutron/Gamma Ray/Magnetic/Sonic sensor arrays with computerized recording and laser camera readouts.
Responsible for maintenance and repair of all high energy sensors, and electronic explosive controls used in the Ark-La-Tex district.
Ba’rac  2/1983 – 7/1985        

Programmer, Game Designer

Using Commodore Basic, and Assembler, created published the computer game “Road to Moscow” for the Commodore 64.  This was a computer strategy game pitting the German Army against the Red Army in World War 2.
Using Forth, was support programmer for the computer game “Star Crystal.”
Technicare 6/1982 – 2/1984 
            Installations, Digital Graphics
Installed Digital Subtraction Angiography Machines.  This involved adapting a digital video front end to 3rd party X-ray systems.  It required initiative as installations were often working alone on these projects in different cities every other week.
Received training in high-tension electronics, VMS, DEC PDP-11 series computers, Matrix cameras and customer relations.
Skills required were System and component level troubleshooting; microprocessor based controllers, X-Ray adjustments and customer relations.
United States Navy 11/1975 – 5/1982          
            Missile Fire Control Technician
Member of the Personnel Reliability Program, and held a secret security clearance.
Serviced missile battery radars on the USS Oklahoma City, CG-5 and the USS King
Served as work center supervisor on USS King.  Received battle efficiency E.
Was trained in parts procurement and leadership, high-tension electronics, radio frequency principles, hydraulics, digital and analog electronics, synchro and servo systems.
Skills required were system and component level troubleshooting in all manner of electronic systems.

Commercial Products  

Road to Moscow (Windows 98)
Designed and developed of all levels of the program and tools.
Programmed in C++ and COM. Supported with Excel, and VBA.
Road to Moscow (Commodore)
Copyright 1984, Ba’rac Software Limited and later, Electronic Arts.
Approximately 4,000 sold.
Star Crystal (Apple)
Copyright 1985, Ba’rac Software Limited
Approximately 500 sold.
Architected, developed, and implemented a text-mining program that can sort through very large files for specific data based on coordinates and search functions.  Patent submitted.

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