Friday, December 30, 2011

Things that are counter-intuitive

On Databases          
                Databases are used to store information for computerized systems.  Their primary function is to not lose any data.  If you happen to get useful data from a database, that is considered a bonus.

On Gas Cans
                The primary function of a Gas Can is to store gasoline and its vapor.  If you happen to refuel something up after getting around the child proof caps and vapor control systems, that is considered a bonus.  Double points if you avoid spilling gas on you, your clothing, or the floor.

On Odds of Success
                It is often easier to calculate the Odds of Success by subtracting the odds of failure from one.    For instance, the Odds of Success on the first roll of the dice in craps could be calculated as the odds of rolling a 2 plus the odds of rolling a 3 plus the odds of rolling a 4 plus the odds of rolling a 5 plus the odds of rolling a 6 plus the odds of rolling a 8 plus the odds of rolling a 9 plus the odds of rolling a 10 plus the odds of rolling a 12. 

Or you can say it is 1 minus plus the odds of rolling a 7, plus the odds of rolling a 11.

On Traffic,
                Ever wonder why the guy in front of you is always moving slower than you?  It is an aberration of observation.  If he was moving faster than you, he wouldn’t be there for you to observe, therefore, the car in front of you will always be moving slower than you.

On the Staples Easy Button

                Has anyone ever tried to remove the Staples "easy button" from the package? Because the bottom is flanged outward, and the packaging is formed to it, and the packaging is GLUED to the box, you have to totally rip the box apart to get the "Easy" button.

On Recycled Materials
               According to "green" guidelines, wool is not considered a recycled material.  To my mind, wool is the ultimate recycled material.  Originally it was dirt, and given enough time it will be dirt again.

               My office once went "green" with their printers.  Everything was printed double sided.  Paper usage went up about 25%, as many people getting their documents in an inconvenient reading format, reprinted their documents.

Anglo Irish Longbowmen (this one only makes sense if you play Warrior Ancients)

                The primary function of Anglo Irish Longbowmen to be shot at, not to shoot.  Shooting means you drop your shields and are vulnerable to morale failure to incoming fire.  Not shooting means you are a higher priority shooting target than the troops you are next to, which can rip their opponents face off.

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